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first post: TATWORTH wrote: Walkthrough: Creating Accessible Web Pages

Empty Alt Text

first post: Speednet wrote: Instead of manually setting AlternateText="", I would recommend usi...

latest post: TATWORTH wrote: Excellent suggestion - will be fixed in 0.3 release

Resources for Cross Browser and Accessibility Compliance

first post: TATWORTH wrote: The following are of assistance in achieving Cross-Browser and Acce...

latest post: TATWORTH wrote: Accessibility issues:

Changes to Visual Studio

first post: TATWORTH wrote: In Visual Studio, go Tools...OptionsOpen up the text Editor nodeOp...

Other fixes to page

first post: TATWORTH wrote: Enter all HTML tags in lower case.Images that are purely decorative...

Why produce XHTML compliant pages?

first post: TATWORTH wrote: There are several reasons why you should produce XHTML compliant pa...

Fixes to Header of page

first post: TATWORTH wrote: Define a title for the page as shown belowPut all CSS links inside ...

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